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WebShopApps Extension Demo

About this Extension

This is a demo of the WebShopApps Delivery Options for UPS extension. This extension allows Canadian merchants who use Magento to power their eCommerce store to offer their customers the option of pickup from a UPS Access Point™ location in Canada.

How to use

This demo shows both the customer-facing elements of the Delivery Options for UPS extension and the administrative and configuration options available.


An account has been created and pre-populated with an address that shows multiple UPS Access Point locations. To see the full functionality, Log In with the following credentials:


Password: password

Once you've logged in, click on "Test Products" in the header, choose a product and proceed through the checkout process. You will be able to see this extension in action during checkout.


An admin account has been created with access to the shipping configuration and order information to allow you to see how this extension works in the Magento admin panel. Log In to admin with the following credentials:

User: guest

Password: password1213


For more information on this extension and how it works, visit the Delivery Options for UPS Knowledge Base.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to look at a WebShopApps demo. We have a very comprehensive set of extensions and can cater for most shipping scenarios, if the demo does not meet your exact requrements please contact us and we will advise or make the necessary adjustments. 

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