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Blue Jalappeno Price Updater


Welcome to Blue Jalappeno Price Updater Demonstration, showing you how to update your catalog prices simply and easily using Price Updater.

Documentation of this extension can be found here.

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Test drive Price Updater

To view the features of this extension, you'll need to login to the admin page of this demonstration here. Login creditials are

username: demo password: bluejalappeno1

Navigate to Catalog> Price Updater and view or create a template, add or remove products from the template and alter the price information and save.

Then review the price changes in the website here or in the product listings of the admin panel. Note: prices will only change on the products when the template is set to Active.

Please take care within the admin panel as this demonstration is intended for public use.

Get Price Updater now

To purchase this extension, please visit WebShopApps: Price Updater

If you have any questions, feedback or you would like a personalised demonstration of this extension please contact us with your requirements.

The Blue Jalappeno Team