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WebShopApps Dimensional Shipping

The WebShopApps Dimensional Shipping extension allows you to send dimensional weight values to FedEx, UPS and USPS for live shipping rates.

It lets you define the dimensions of your products, the dimensions of your boxes and rules for how to package different combinations of products together.

This extension is intelligent enough to choose which boxes will be used to package an order according to items in the cart.

The Requirements

A retailer wants to implement the following shipping requirements:

 - Ship TVs separately in a custom box with dimensions 52x25x15

 - Ship all other products with either Small, Medium or Large boxes depending on weight in cart

The retailer has specified the box details as being as follows:

Box size Length Width Height Max Weight Per Box
Small 10 15 18  30
Medium 20 25 28  70
Large  25  30  35  120

The Solution

 The retailer uses Dimensional Shipping to:

    1. Specify that the TV is always shipped separately in its custom box with dimensions 52x25x15.

    2. Create and assign boxes of different dimensions to products

    3. Specify the maximum weight each box holds

For demostrative purposes the details of the packages to send to carrier will be visible at the cart estimator. These will not be visible as standard.

Login details

Use the following customer details to log in to the frontend:

Pass: password

You can view the configuration settings in the admin panel using the following credentials:

User: guest
Pass: password27258

NB: The above admin settings link to a different installation, test payments you make here will NOT be viewable in admin

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to look at a WebShopApps demo. We offer a comprehensive set of extensions and can cater for most shipping requirements. If you’re unsure whether this extension meets your needs, please contact us for advice or to discuss customization options. 

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