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WebShopApps Shipping Override

The WebShopApps Shipping Override extension is a powerful solution that enables you to adapt your standard Magento shipping rates to meet your business needs. With Shipping Override you can set special shipping charges for certain products, surcharge your live shipping rates, or restrict shipping options based on destination, weight, product, cart subtotal or customer group.

The Requirements

A retail store owner has a store and wishes to use UPS live shipping rates. However, the store owner wants to add a surcharge to certain parts of the USA and doesn't want to ship to any country other than the U.S and the U.K. 

The retailer wants

- All orders that are shipping to Hawaii or Alaska can only ship via UPS ground and receive a surcharge depending on the weight of the item. 

- Heavy items receive a $100 surcharge and cant be shipped to Hawaii or Alaska 

- The U.K is the only country that the store will ship to other than the U.S.A and items shipping to the U.K will receive a 50% surcharge of the cart value

The Solution

The retailer uses Shipping Override to:

1. Implement weight based surcharging for UPS Ground method by using the extension's weight filters.

2. To restrict all other shipping methods from showing in cart

3. Restrict shipping to all countries other than UK and US.

4. To create a shipping group called 'HEAVY' and the surcharging rule for the group so that the heavy items can be assigned to it and charged appropriately.

5. To restrict shipping of Heavy items to Hawaii and Alaska

6.To allow shipping to the UK but with a 50% surcharge of the cart value.

Download the CSV file used for this demo.

Login Details

You can use the following customer details for this demo: / password

You can access the admin panel to view the extension configuration settings
NB: The options changed in the backend do not reflect in the frontend and vice-versa.

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to look at a WebShopApps demo. We offer a comprehensive set of extensions and can cater for most shipping requirements, if the demo does not meet your exact needs, please contact us and we will advise or make the necessary customisations. 

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