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This is a demo of Cerasis Freight.

The Requirements

The retailer needs an extension that gives them the ability to:

  • Integrate live shipping rates from multiple freight carriers with his Magento store
  • Single-out couriers that they do not want to use

The Solution

 The retailer uses the Cerasis Freight extension to allow the retailer to:

  1. Select which freight courier(s) they want to use (or use all)
  2. Show the customer only the cheapest rate (not set on this demo)
  3. See quotes for shipping around the world.

How to use

The bed has been configured to ship via freight as it has been set to "freight only".

If the contents of the cart exceeds 150lb then you will receive freight quotes.

If the cart does not qualify for shipping via freight then UPS will be shown.

Login details

Use the following customer details to login for this demo: / password

You can view the configuration settings in the admin panel.

Note: The above admin settings link to a different installation, test payments you make here will NOT be viewable in admin


You can find further configuration and troubleshooting information on our wiki


Thank you for taking the time to look at a WebShopApps demo. We have a very comprehensive set of extensions and can cater for most shipping scenarios; if the demo does not meet your exact requirements please contact us and we will advise or make the necessary adjustments. 

You can find this this extension and all of our other extensions at

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