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WebShopApps Con-way Freight

The WebShopApps Con-way Freight extension allows you to provide live shipping rates from Con-way Freight.

The Requirements

A retailer stocks some small items, which are wholesaled and ship by freight only if a weight threshold is exceeded or if they have been assigned a freight class.

The retailer needs an extension that gives him the ability to:

  • Integrate live shipping rates from Con-way with his Magento store
  • Set the minimum weight at which an item ships by freight to 150lbs, unless the product has a freight class assigned
  • Assign a default freight class of 55 for any items over 150lbs that haven't already been assigned a freight class
  • Assign different freight classes on per product basis (class 100 for phones and class 50 for desks)

The Solution

 The retailer uses the Con-way Freight extension to allow the retailer to:

  1. Enter his/her Con-way account details in the extension's configuration panel so that live shipping rates can be returned to his/her site from Con-way.
  2. Set 150lbs as the minimum weight at which an order can ship by freight in the extension's configuration panel
  3. Assign a default freight class of 55 for all items that have not been assigned a class and weigh over 150lbs
  4. Assign different classes to 'desks' and 'phones' in the product listing so that accurate freight rates can be returned

Login details

Use the following customer details to login for this demo: / password

You can view the configuration settings in the admin panel with the following credentials:

guest / password168

Note: The above admin settings link to a different installation, test payments you make here will NOT be viewable in admin


You can find further configuration and troubleshooting information on our wiki


Thank you for taking the time to look at a WebShopApps demo. We have a very comprehensive set of extensions and can cater for most shipping scenarios, if the demo does not meet your exact requrements please contact us and we will advise or make the necessary adjustments. 

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